Cardio HITT

Cardio Kickboxing Near Edmonton

Our Cardio HITT program is designed for people who want a low-level commitment, fast-paced workout while having fun and learning a new skill in the process. These workouts are 45 minutes long and include an introduction to kickboxing, dynamic warm up, and a few rounds with pads. Each session finishes off with strength and conditioning rounds. Expect to sweat!

If you want to improve your cardio while working on your overall strength, this program is perfect for you.
We provide gloves and good beats. You are welcome to come alone or bring a friend and try it out together. Your first session is free.

Cardio Kick

This station-based workout will keep you on your toes and test your limits. Learn the fundamentals of footwork and proper stance. Instructors will lead you through drills and conditioning workouts to help you develop a solid foundation for kickboxing. Finish off the class with a core workout and a cooldown.


Get ready to sweat! This class involves an intense warm-up followed by 5-6 rounds of pad work. Your instructor will guide you through specific combinations to improve your skills and give you a great workout. The class will end with a core finisher to leave you feeling strong.

Punch passes and membership options are available.

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