Coach Stefan

I started with martial arts when I was 13 years old. Back in the day, I was introduced to taekwondo at a local school. After only a couple of months, I competed and got promoted through the ranks. Very soon, I developed distinctive techniques and flexibility.

After almost four years, I decided to put my training on hold. Meanwhile, I devoted my time to school as I was about to enroll in university.

At age 18, I got into kickboxing. Before starting MMA 3 years later, I competed in kickboxing and gained lots of experience. As I started MMA, I fell in love with Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, and I put emphasis on my ground game and wrestling. Later on, I competed in various fighting disciplines. After moving to Canada in 2018, I continued to be a student of martial arts and pursue my dream. Currently, I have nine professional MMA fights.