I’m visiting from out of town. Can I come and train at Bairro while I’m in Edmonton? 
Yes! Please email [email protected] for information regarding class times.

Can I watch my kids’ class?

We kindly ask that all parents remain in the waiting area during class time and watch class from the monitors. Parents are not allowed to interact with their children during class. 

Do you have showers? 

Yes. We have two showers in our bathrooms. Please bring your own toiletries and towels. 

I don’t have any experience. Can I still participate?

Yes. We welcome everyone of all fitness levels to come check out a class! No experience is necessary. 

Do you have gloves or gis I can borrow?

Our Kickboxing classes supply all the equipment needed except a mouthguard and handwraps (if you prefer to use them). We have cups, mouthguards, and handwraps for sale. Our Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu program has gis available to rent free of charge. 

What time should I arrive? 

If this is your first time, please arrive 15 minutes early to sign any paperwork and receive a tour of the facility. For subsequent classes, please arrive with enough time to be ready and on the mats for class. 

Can Kickboxing and BJJ help me defend myself?

Absolutely. These are two of the most effective combat sports if you are interested in learning to protect yourself. 

What makes BAIRRO special?

We’re a supportive community with a competitive spirit and a passion for well-rounded, technical jiu-jitsu. We strive for excellence and continuous improvement in everything — from technique and competition to environment and training amenities. Being a part of BAIRRO means joining a team that will continuously empower you to achieve greater things.